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HR & Payroll Solution that Automates all your HR Processes

Solution Overview

AccuPAY is a complete payroll solution. It is simple to use, is windows based and can meet complete payroll requirements. With its simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, it is the perfect solution for all types of businesses. With AccuPAY you get fewer Payroll Headaches, less exhausting Paper work and peace of Mind.

It has employee Master which allows to add employees and also import employees from Excel Sheet. It allows adding numerous Earnings and Deductions component in Payroll Structure, has formulas, conditions and also Slabs. Attendance information can be imported from excel and it is also possible to mark attendance. It also includes leave and overtime details. Salary can be processed easily There are reports for Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Loan, Arrears, Over-time etc. AccuPAY has an ESS (Employee Self Service) Module, which employee can access themselves to add and manage various requests.

AccuPAY is capable of managing all you HR Functions, making it possible to select and recruit top talent. This reduces cost, Saves time and aligns all your HR efforts with the rest of your organization. Starting from the Core Payroll Functions, all the way to Employee Management, Attendance Management, Shift Management, Leave Management, Loan Management, Employee Self Service, Reports & Analytics, are some of the functionalities offered by our AccuPAY Software.

Thus AccuPAY is a complete HR and Payroll Solution which will reduce your processing cost and ensure accurate and streamlined HR processes. Today AccuPAY is recommended by many Companies across the region as a reliable software company who offers innovative yet simple to use Payroll and HR Software.

We also offer Payroll services in UK, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa , Kazakhstan, Egypt, Singapore, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Rwanda, Malaysia & Philippines.